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Slitting Cutter

Slitting cutters are manufactured from tool and special alloy steel, basis the application they are being made for. We can supply a variety of sizes, up to 600 mm in diameter and slit up to 16 mm thick coils. We can also supply precision cutting tools with thickness tolerance, made possible with

our Lapping Machines.

Steel Spacers & Lightweight Spacers

Our Metal Spacers are manufactured with the finest tolerances. We supply spacers with “shimless” tolerances( +/- 0.001 mm / +/- 0.00004″ ) in order to guarantee the correct “Gap” between knives for optimum slitting quality. All our spacers are made Core Tempered, with a hardness up to 54 +/-2 HRC, to guarantee high compression resistance and longer tooling life.

Bonded Spacers & Striper Rings

Rubber Bonded Spacers are used on Slitting Lines in order to improve “dragging” of coil and ejection of strips during slitting. Rubber bonded spacers are usually manufactured at a different diameter ( Male and Female ) in order to guarantee a more precise and quality slitting process. The core of the spacers, is made in tempered steel with a hardness up to 58 +/- 2 HRC in order to guarantee maximum durability. The external ring, is made in a “soft” material that guarantees a good grip on the coil surface. ( also Oiled coils ). Materials used are Nitrile rubber (NBR – PERBUNAN etc.) or POLYURETHANE at a specific hardness, depending on coils specs.

We can supply rubber rings in single color single hardness and dual color in dual hardness based on the requirement of customer. We can supply the rubber rings in different material i.e Perbunan / Nitrile / Neoprene / Polyurethane with hardness varies from 65 Shore “A” upto 90 Shore “A”

Separator Disk

Manufactured with tool steel and hard core tempered to the most appropriated hardness in order to maintain a High Wear Resistance and the sufficient ductility to prevent failures. We can also apply different coatings (i.e. Chrome and TiN coating) in order to improve even more wear resistance and comply with special customer requests.