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Steel Making and Processing

We supply leveller rolls in SAE- 52100/100 Cr 6/1.2067/En31 material, induction hardened to keep core soft whichmakes leveller rolls tough to avoid breakage yet having hard skin to resist wear and abrasion. Induction hardened leveller rolls are straighter, harder and more wear resistant than those treated in the conventional heat treatment. Skin hardness is kept 61-63HRC and depth of hardness is 2/3 mm. The core hardness and depth are very important. Flame or batch hardening is not recommended. After induction hardening, rolls are tempered twice to achieve well tempered Martensite Matrix. Leveller rolls are passed through center less grinder to get straightness within 0.1 mm. Leveller rolls should pass through Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing for detecting surface and sub surface defects. We follow both NDTs for producing defect free rolls.